Finding investors? There are many people who want to buy a business or anyone who has decided to sell their business. This means that there is plenty of opportunity for both buyer and seller.

However, if you really want to make a success of selling your business, here are a few things to remember:

1) Do your homework before making the deal. Make sure that you are making the best deal for both yourself and your new business partner(s).

2) Sell with your eyes wide open. Do your homework and explore every aspect of the business you are selling. Make sure that you and your new partner(s) are getting what you expect and desiring in the agreement.

3) Find a good lawyer, not just any lawyer; it must be a good lawyer who specializes in business sales. An attorney with experience in business sales will know how to properly set up the agreement, negotiate the sale, and protect both parties in the transaction.

4) Do know the business you are selling. The more you know about the business, the better you will negotiate the agreement. Find out what the customer wants the most from the business and put that in your agreement. This will allow you to make a better offer to your prospective buyer.

5) Negotiate your offer. Keep at it even after you make the deal unless there is a major flaw. Keep negotiating until you and your prospective buyer are satisfied with the price and terms of the agreement.

6) Sell with a clean slate and do your homework on your prospective buyer. This will help you make the best offer for your business.

These are just a few things you can do to maximize the number of potential buyers and the amount you are going to make after you have completed the sale. Good luck and Happy Selling!



Adam Farson
Adam Farson

Adam Farson is a copywriter, instructor, coach, web developer and internet marketer. He creates products where there is a gap in the market where people are hungry for information. Adam is very successful. Adam Farson is a pseudonym.

    2 replies to "How to Find Investors to Buy Your Business"

    • Lewis Anderson

      Hi Adam, I use an alias online, but mainly for discussing my spiritual and mental health journey through life. It’s a sad fact but that side of things are usually hidden due to judgement from others.

      Anyway, sorry that was so off topic, great post I have never even thought about attracting investors, could this be applied to sponsors too? Do you have any information about sponsors?

      • Adam Farson

        Hi Lewis. In my experience sponsors really only work if you are giving something away and they either feel good about it (charity) or they get publicity (advertising). Investors will hold you accountable and some will assist with business advice too, especially if at the end of the day it drives more cash into their pockets or stops them from losing their investment.

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