How times have you heard someone say that?

“Why do I have to do it that way?”

You may hear a child talk to its parent and say “but why do I have to do that?”

It is not just children who say this. When we start doing something for the first time, we tend to draw on our own experiences. When someone gives you some instructions and you think why do I need to do it that way? The instructor is pulling on his or her own experiences and then putting it across to you in a way that you can understand or follow. No one will have the exact same experiences that you have.

A quick example. If you bought a new washing machine, would you look at the instructions and think no I’m not going to press that button I’m going to press this button. I don’t think you would. You would look at the instructions and learn how to start the washing, You would look at the instructions and learn how to select the wool or delicate settings on the washing machine. You wouldn’t just blindly putting your washing into the tub without having at least a glance at the instructions. Even just to see what would be the best setting for the type of clothing.

I know, some of you may say that you’ve had that washing machine before so you know what you’re doing. Or somebody already showed me how to do it. Or my mum had one. Or my dad, my sister and so on. However, someone somewhere in that chain of events must have read the instructions at one stage or they used trial and error to come up with experience for you to base your judgement on.

So when the instructor tells you to type a paragraph for example into a form it’s because that’s the best way to do it. This is based on their experience. The experience they got from trial and error. By ruining all their socks and jumpers. Or by being taught by someone. Or reading something. Or seeing their parents to do it. Or their friends, family or their work colleagues.

Some free advice

Here’s a bit of advice for when your instructor tells you to do something. The best thing to do is to do what they tell you. Don’t blindly follow their instructions without thinking. If you think it is wrong, ask them why. By questioning them at the time because you will be right in the moment. They may be telling you something that impacts something in the future. What you do now may affect what you do later.

An example would be if you had to copy and paste something and put it in a box, You may be thinking I won’t do that. Later on in the instructions, or when the instructor says to go into the box and get what you pasted in there. Or open up the application and what you typed in or you copied and pasted back in step X will show up in the application. You will then find if you haven’t done it the next steps won’t work.

If you carry out the instruction but think you know better, make a little note. The next time you do it then maybe do it that way. The fact that you’re listening to an instructor normally means that they know something you don’t. They know something that in their experience is the best way of doing it. Obviously, if your instructor says to put these concrete boots on and jump in the lake you wouldn’t do that. When you come to simple things such as open a Zip file, set up a WordPress blog, write an email, write some content. These are all ways all things that with experience you will get better at.

Often times, (I’ve always wanted to say that) the instructions that the instructor gives you may seem that you are going a long way round to get to the point. However, in my experience get the basics right and everything else will follow.

So in answer to my question, sorry, your question, yes you do have to do it that way.


  1. Do as you are told
  2. You can apply for his job later


Adam Farson
Adam Farson

Adam Farson is a copywriter, instructor, coach, web developer and internet marketer. He creates products where there is a gap in the market where people are hungry for information. Adam is very successful. Adam Farson is a pseudonym.

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