If the purpose of a blog is to share information, content and interact with other people, then the title and tag line become the heart and soul of that blog. They are the statements of the purpose that you are putting forward. So, before you write a word, I recommend you choose your purpose and let your purpose define your blog. Once you have done that the rest becomes easier.

I am going to share with you some guidelines I have collected over the years that will help in defining a title.

The most important thing that will influence the title of a blog is your primary keyword. If your blog is about dog training, then your tag line needs to be DOG TRAINING. You cannot use BUDDYBOARD for your blog title since this gives you an opportunity to rank well for more than one keyword since this is the general purpose of the blog. You cannot have a blog that helps you earn money with traffic since this blog is about traffic. So, in this case your tag line should be DOCTOR TRAINING BUDDIES because this fits all your purposes. So, your tag line is the thing that will define your blog.

The second step is the content. If your blog is about blogging, then your content must be about blogging and not about the topic of your blog. This is why I recommend that you use the word TRAINING in your tag line. This means that you are blogging about something training related. Do not use BUDAINE. It will give you a blog titled BUDDYBOARD and this will be the purpose of that blog. If you are using BUDAINE in your blog then this blogs sole purpose would be to talk about blogging and not to help you earn money. Then your tag line needs to be about blogging and not about the topic of your blog. So, this is my advice about selecting your tag line.

I would like to invite you to use these rules and guidelines to make your tag line for your blogs. In this way you will be able to grab attention and stand out among the thousands of blogs that are out there in cyberspace. If your purpose is to get traffic then your tag line must fit in with that purpose. So, if your blog is about helping people earn money then your tag line must say earn money.

If you are using BUDAINE then your tag line must be about blogging. So, try your best to make it fit in with the purpose of your blog. If your blog is about making money then tag line must be about money.


Adam Farson
Adam Farson

Adam Farson is a copywriter, instructor, coach, web developer and internet marketer. He creates products where there is a gap in the market where people are hungry for information. Adam is very successful. Adam Farson is a pseudonym.

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